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$PLTR Bull Thesis Part 01 – The Future Will Be Awesome

There is a lot to talk about when it comes to Palantir ($PLTR) and its three platforms: Gotham, Foundry, and Apollo. One thing many investors may not realize is that Palantir also invests in other companies, both with money and by letting these companies build on top of one of these three platforms. In fact, Palantir has over a dozen such investments on its books today. Let's look at the two #robotics companies that $PLTR is invested in, to showcase how Palantir's platforms can be used with hardware-intensive companies.

(shown above: Sarcos Robotics XO)

Sarcos Robotics ($STRC) is a maker of highly dexterous mobile industrial robotic systems focused on enabling the workforce of the future with solutions that enhance productivity, reduce occupational injuries, and equalize employment opportunities for the jobs around the world that do not lend themselves to automation. They're building robots as a service. The Guardian XO is an exoskeleton that users wear to enhance full-body power, meaning adding strength and endurance to arms and legs to give one worker the power over roughly three workers.  Importantly, the exoskeleton only takes one day of training, which is about as much as it takes to learn to operate a forklift, so there's a real total addressable market here.

(shown above: Sarcos Robotics XT)

Sarcos also makes the Guardian XT, a robotic avatar that integrates with many mobile or telescoping bases that a worker on the ground controls through a virtual reality headset.   Between the XO exoskeleton and XT avatar, Sarcos Robotics has a wide variety of industrial and military use cases in a world where labor shortages are increasing and companies are forced to do more with less. $STRC will probably use $PLTR's technologies in a wide variety of ways, from the fine-tuning of motor control and robotic movements all the way to managing a fleet of robots and optimizing their use and up-time on big projects.

(shown above: Fast Radius robotic arm with 3D printing tips)

Fast Radius (currently $ENNV) is a cloud manufacturing and digital supply chain company that focuses on building infrastructure to design, make, and move things in the digital age.   They want to use 3D printing robots to make ordering custom parts as easy as it is to order groceries. To do that, they have a software platform called the Cloud Manufacturing Platform, that lets people design and get feedback on parts before getting them made. The software supports digital simulations of materials and structures as well as collaborative design. Once the design is finalized, you can store it inside a Virtual Warehouse, where it is waiting to be ordered before it's made, meaning companies and individuals no longer need to store physical inventories. The part is made when it is demanded, not before. The parts are 3D printed at a Fast Radius Microfactory, which are highly scalable units that act as “factories in a box.” Everything from Fast Radius' proprietary data architecture to their micro-factories are designed to be ‘copy & pasted’ and enable a distributed, digitally connected network. 

(shown above: Fast Radius' virtual warehouse for part creation on demand)

In my opinion, the mark of a truly disruptive innovator is a company that's tackling a problem that many different industries and market sectors can point to. Fast Radius is solving the current problems associated with centralized mega-factories, slow-moving and easily disrupted supply chains, the massive amount of space it takes to store physical goods, and the poorly scaling back-end operations many big manufacturers have today. These problems on the supply side actually create other problems on the demand side because these inefficiencies cost money, making parts and variants prohibitively expensive if you don't buy large quantities and if you do buy it, it could still take months to arrive. I think Fast Radius really nails it with this quote from their investor presentation: “Why can I see where my pizza is, but not my part?”

(shown above: Fast Radius' investor presentation highlighting the pain points they address)

I can't imagine the mountains of data that Fast Radius is generating at every step of their value chain, from part design to production to fulfillment, making it another shoo-in for $PLTR's Foundry to generate deep insights that result in optimizing every step, like automatically recommending design changes to save cost or increase performance, automatically routing the design to the correct micro-factory for the quickest fulfillment, and controlling overall material supply to handle all of their aggregate demand.   I'm sure I'm missing about a thousand different things Palantir can help Fast Radius with, while Fast Radius helps the world revolutionize manufacturing.   Fast Radius will be merging with ECP Environmental Growth Opportunities Corp, ticker symbol ($ENNV) later this year.

(shown above: Palantir's Edge AI for real-time on-hardware decision support)

Palantir is championing #edgeai (#artificialintelligence at the Edge, Both, Sarcos Robotics ($STRC) and Fast Radius ($ENNV) are beneficiaries of AI and computing moving away from cloud-based servers. As a result, Palantir was an early investor in both of these companies, and they both leverage Palantir's Foundry platform.

Want to learn more about $PLTR and their investments? Check out my video that highlights a dozen of them:

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