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is #ARK Invest's BILLION dollar bet on some of the biggest dreams on earth …and beyond. Even though #Tesla (#TSLA) is it's the biggest position, some other companies in the fund are equally daring in other domains like space exploration, 3D printing, and advanced robotics — each the “Tesla's” of their own markets. I believe this makes ARKQ even more “Tesla” than Tesla and the coolest among ARK's 5 thematic ETFs (#ARKK, ARKW, ARKF, ARKG, and ARKQ). This is just my opinion; I am not a financial advisor and am not affiliated with ARK Invest in any way.

In this video, I explain why #CathieWood and #ARKInvest are betting big on #autonomy and #robotics disrupting EVERY major market sector in the next 5-15 years. I discuss the fundamentals of Wright's Law and then use it to highlight some of the current and future cost-curves that Tesla is pushing down as a leader in autonomy, robotics, energy storage, and more. Finally, I discuss some of the more exciting companies that make this thematic ETF more Tesla than Tesla, before comparing the performance of ARKQ to ARK Invest's other actively managed funds.

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Timestamps for this ETF overview:
00:00 Introduction
02:57 Intro to Wright's Law
07:39 Wright's Law on Robotics
10:58 Tesla Drives (Down Costs)
16:11 More Tesla Than Tesla
21:04 Creative Destruction
24:20 ARKQ and the Future

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