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To celebrate the first month of Ticker Symbol: YOU, I'd like to summarize my long-term bull thesis on humanity. The reasons I'm constantly excited about #ElonMusk, #Tesla (#TSLA), #SpaceX and #ARKInvest are bigger than the stock market. #CathieWood says that #ARK Invest's 5 pillars of innovation — energy storage, robotics, blockchain technology, DNA sequencing, and artificial intelligence — are converging. What does this convergence look like for the long-term future of YOU?

My deep dive into ARKQ, ARK Invest's thematic ETF containing companies focused on #space exploration:…

I am not a financial advisor or affiliated with ARK Invest in any way.

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ARK Invest and Tesla are pieces of a much bigger puzzle, and you and I are pieces of that puzzle, too. So today I'm doubling down on my investment and presenting my super bullish thesis on you. So here's to the future of humanity. That's you.

When I close my eyes and think about the future, the far future, I can't help but imagine humanity as a multi planet species. We're pioneers, adventurers and explorers and space, after all, is the final frontier.

In the last 50 years, we've begun building the first tools we'll use to claim the stars and the ships that will one day take us there. This dream of other planets is slowly becoming real, and while Earth will always be our origin with a lot of effort and investment, this pale blue dot might not always be our only home. The reason it's becoming real is because of advanced technology, not always disruptive like Tesla. In fact, sometimes entirely quiet and unnoticed.

But if you think about this interstellar journey, I think you'll see that it takes every ounce of human ingenuity to make it. Leaving Earth may not be an easy task, but I can't shake this crazy feeling that we'll do it anyway. The steps to get us there are fraught with challenges, and no engineer or scientist has all the answers. But together with practice and patience and lots and lots of innovation across every science, every trade and every art.

We will keep iterating on our dream and standing up after failures. And reaching for the stars. And one day, those stars will be in reach and we will make one more giant leap for mankind.

The reason I'm so passionate about innovation isn't because of the stock market or even ARK Invest, is because I believe that it all plays a role in this interstellar journey, your future and mine. And when our grandchildren stand on the new edge of humanity and build their own homes and industries and cultures, they'll wonder where they all came from and how humanity could even dare to dream so far. And then they will reach for new stars of their own. At least that's what I think about the future when I close my eyes.

Thanks for investing your precious time on Earth with me.

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